Christmas: Fun things to do

Do you feel the atmosphere? Come on, you know what I’m talking about!
The lights coloring the streets invaded by snow that strangely warms us on the inside, the race for the most original presents, and trees decorated from top to bottom…now you get it!

Here comes the holiday we’ve all been waiting for: Christmas.
Christmas brings happiness, a sense of companionship but above all fun.
Let’s find out what are the most fun activities to do this Christmas!

Decorating the Christmas tree

Let’s start with the activity that traditionally involves the whole family, decorating the Christmas tree.
We all love dazzling a  Christmas tree and often act as designers to make the tree as original as possible.

Different lights, Christmas balls, not to forget the famous star at the top are mandatory to create that warm atmosphere indoors.

Watching Christmas films

Home Alone, Trading Places, Jack Frost and many, many other films that have made Christmas history!

One of the best family fun activities to enjoy while waiting for midnight on Christmas is watching the Christmas cinema classics!
Christmas movies are the best thing for taking a dip into the past and feeling a little bit like a child, parents included.

Don’t be a Grinch! Watch a movie surrounded by your loved ones.

Mall Shopping

Crazy shopping, endless queues, sales everywhere: this is the mall at Christmas time!

The magic of Christmas contaminates all the shops in the mall, flooding it with Christmas installations, illuminations and more.
A stroll around the shops in search of the right gift while taking advantage of the discounts can be therapeutic and above all enjoyable.

Creditstar Ball Shooter

If fun is what we’re talking about, we can’t avoid mentioning games!

For your Christmas, Creditstar has prepared a mini-game to celebrate your holidays in the spirit of entertainment! Get ready to play Ball Shooter!

Shoot balls matching the same colour to score as many points as possible in this fun game for everyone! Challenge your friends or family and discover who will be the Christmas winner.

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