Taking a short term loan from Creditstar

Here's all there is to know about our quick and simple borrowing process.

For returning customers, the process will be more concise. Depending on your client status, you'll be able to borrow up to £700. However, we do look at every request on an individual basis and so you would have to:

  • 1 Choose your loan details

    Log in to your registered account and apply for a new loan. Select your desired loan amount, period and monthly repayment date. Also, in order to apply again, you need to make sure you have cleared any of your existing loan obligations.

  • 2 Confirm the application

    Your loan application will be reviewed similarly to the first application. In some cases, our representative might contact you to confirm details, so that we'd be able to make the best decision. As a responsible lender, Creditstar won't guarantee you instant approval, even if you've used our service before.

Application Completed

Application Completed

If your application is approved, the funds will reach your account usually within 30 minutes.