Workout tips: How to stay healthy during lockdown

Workout tips: How to stay healthy during lockdown

Back with the lockdown,

For those fitness enthusiasts, I bet you were pushing and working hard at achieving that summer body for June, July 2021 or maybe you had just begun to find your rhythm again, and were gradually building momentum at achieving your daily fitness goals. Unfortunately, due to the temporary closure of gyms, it may have left some of you demotivated or moody. However, here we’ll be sharing some tips on different ways you can keep active at a budget.


Youtube is a great source for finding all types of content. From yoga, HIIT workouts, down to simple and basic homeworks. Now a year into the unfortunate pandemic, an abundance of different home fitness plans and workouts are at your disposal and this doesn’t cost a thing. Here are our recommendations,


20 min Full Body Stretch/Yoga

By – MadFit

Great for the overall body, great way of reducing tension and stress in the body. With her easy instructions and guide, should be relatively easy to follow. 

HIIT workout

There are many to choose from, but if time is of value to you, then try 10min HIIT workouts for a great heart raising experience. Try these below;

Quick 10min workout

Intense cardio workout – We recommend skipping to 2:30min to avoid the introduction of the video.

For those looking for a full body workout and full fulfilling workout, this will certainly keep your heart rate up – 25 min Cardio & Core workout with Zanna va Dijk

Fitness Apps

Fitness Apps

Fitness apps are great as they combine content with tracking. In addition, some provide nutritional value to their apps however, not many are free that provide all prior mentioned features. Nevertheless, if you’re someone who prefers routine, and seeks a plan at achieving your goals, then a fitness app is right for you.

Below are our recommended fitness apps.

7 Minute Workout

Want something quick to accommodate your busy lifestyle? Well this free app is what you need and has everything necessary to get a quick workout in. No equipment required and it’s free.


This is a new fitness app which is still under testing, however this looks to be a rewarding piece of technology. Unlike other apps, this app coaches you and uses the front facing camera to record your progress while you workout. This would be fun to use and it’s free.
Only on IOS for now.


This app allows you to listen or stream video content workouts. Follow what you feel is best for you and start working out! If you want, you can upgrade to a monthly plan, explore classes, do yoga and even join a class.

The app store has an abundance of apps available, see what works for you and stay fit.

Other alternatives

Other alternatives

If you’re looking for a long term investment and want to slowly pull away from entering the gym space, then slowly attain the equipment you need from Amazon or any other reliable sources for fitness equipment. Do research on what you want to achieve with your body and purchase the right items for you.

The best starter pack would the following;

  • Yoga mat
  • Resistance bands
  • Dumbbells between 5kg to 10kg
  • Medicine ball
  • Jump rope

These are all you really need to maintain a fantastic figure as well as overall health.
For those looking to “Go big or go home” Rogue offers a wide range of all kinds of equipment that can be shipped straight to your door. From barbells, to rowing machines, all the way to jump boxes, kettles bells etc.

These costs can be high initially but Creditstar is a great way to finance your needs if required. You become the owner of your equipment and you will never need to stress about missing another workout again. Workout when you want and get back to working comfortably from home.

All ways have a goal or a plan. Track what your achievements are and remember not to set end dates. This is a lifestyle, do it to enjoy it and the result will always appear. 

Happy workout!